Energy Leadership Bonuses

Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core

Energy Leadership offers an innovative paradigm to help leaders from all walks of life learn how to develop their skills, sophistication, and versatility. It shows people how to become aware of how powerful they are and can be in the workplace, at home, and in the world at large. Energy Leadership shows readers that the way to become a powerful leader is to understand the power of energy.

This is not your everyday leadership book; it’s a book about everyday leaders. Energy Leadership is focused on developing the leader within you, no matter who you are or what you do. Leaders are everywhere — from our boardrooms to our classrooms to our family rooms.

Everyone is a leader, as we each try to motivate and inspire others, as well as ourselves, to take action. The question isn’t whether or not we are leaders, it’s how well we lead. These videos and resources will help you on this journey.

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